Welcome to the Maize Cohort Prezi Resource Page! We are pleased to offer you the digital detritus of our informational session and the benefit of our (collective) hours of experience with this tool! We would you hope that you take to heart the central lesson we tried to impart: that technology can enhance teaching and learning and even uncover the structure of knowledge, but it is no substitute for a sense of structure, a clear objective, and a well-planned lesson to reach that objective.

Below are a few resources we used to put together our lesson:

Our Google Presentation, exported to .pdf format:

One really good Prezi from the Humanities. The author created a living network of connections amongst the characters in Arthur Miller's The Crucible, and the result is a graphic organizer that reveals the structure of a community in a way that is unique and probably not duplicable in other media.
Crucible Sociogram

Another good Prezi, this one an example of student work in science:
Oxidation of Coins

And Prezi's own advice about using Prezi for...stuff for which Prezi can be used.
Prezi for Education

More advice for educators, this time not from Prezi itself:
Using Prezi in the Classroom

Prezis created during class:

English - compare and contrast

English - characters

Math - formula representations

Science - scale

Social studies - maps