Downloading Videos for Classroom Use (Use judiciously...these services aren't 100% foolproof)

In Powerpoint or Keynote...if you're concerned that your audience is too focused on your slide, hit the "b" key to blackout the screen or "w" to whiteout
(Hit "b" or "w" again to return)

Want some help with keeping track of blogs? Use an aggregator, a means through which you can keep track of the bloggers you like to read and--at one glance--to see if they've made any new posts. Here are some aggregator suggestions
- You can also do this within Blogger itself for our class blogs by going to the Blogger homepage and adding blogs to your Reading List.

If you are trying to find an unread message in Gmail, you can search for " is:unread " to find that message you saw and meant to read last week, but never got to because you had a lot of homework to do.