Presented by: Morgan Hooks, Catherine Longshore, and Claire Miller

Our Facebook group:

Re-cap of our Presentation:

1. Activity:
a. Do Now- 10 min
b. Debrief- Claire 5min
2. Facebook vs. Fakebook: Catherine- 5min
a. Similarities
b. Differences
3. Activity- Morgan 30 min
a. open small group project
b. groups present their findings
4. Facebook
a. Benefits (in general)- Morgan
b. uses in the classroom (discipline brainstorm)
c. Demo for FB group - Claire
5. Alternatives: Catherine
a. EdModo

Claire’s fakebook: __
Some of your classmates’ fakebooks: __

__Five Fundamental Flaws of Facebook__ powerpoint
Our __Presentation__ powerpoint
Our Survey

Benefits of Facebook:
  • Relaxed, friendly and inviting atmosphere which encourages students participation and engagement
  • Students feel comfortable learning through Facebook because most of them use it everyday
  • Facebook can promote collaboration and social interchange between participants
  • Students get engaged about their learning outside the classroom

General uses for Facebook:
  • create a class group
  • send homework/class notifications
  • a space for student discussion outside of class
  • form clubs online
  • create class events
  • build classroom community outside of school
  • use group as a resource/support/brainstorm network
  • make sharing work and collaboration a norm for your students
  • post class notes for review
  • class message or individual message

Content-specific uses:

  • Post an experiment and get students predictions before class
  • Post videos of science experiments
  • Post extra credit problems to get students involved on the page
  • Tapping into science safety concerns (ethical data do ad companies gather information from facebook vs. voluntary responses)
  • Make an album of photos of experiments done in class
  • Science and Environmental news for students

  • Post useful formulas to jog students’ memories
  • Polls- statistics
  • Have students post questions that they are unable to do and others can comment
  • Talking about homework
  • reminders for Math class
  • Visual Math

World Language:
  • Change the language on Facebook
  • Post audio and video clips of authentic materials and student work
  • Connect with schools and students from around the world (virtual pen pals)
  • Post culturally relevant pictures to put an image to a country of interest
  • Make commenting and posting in the target language an assignment
  • USF teacher uses Facebook in Spanish 1

  • Post short stories and poems
  • Peer review online
  • Change language to a different kind of (british, pirate etc) english and write short reflection about experience
  • Early British Lit class on Facebook

Social Studies:
  • Make the the students add to an interactive facebook timeline (what came before/after)
  • Share research resources
  • Post two perspectives on a story and have a facebook debate
  • History...but mostly online safety

Guidelines for Social Networking: from this __site__
Many of you have Facebook accounts or use other sites for social networking. However, it is very important that you are careful and respectful with your interactions on these sites.
Follow these rules while on Facebook:
  • Be careful what you post and send. Everything is traceable in cyberspace. Words and images posted on the internet are permant and many students get themselves into trouble by posting without thinking.
  • Be polite and respectful. Cyberbulling is more harmful than ever, and many people fall into depression or worse due to mean words posted on the internet. Do you part to prevent this.
  • Monitor your privacy settings. Make sure you are not giving information to strangers. Be careful who you accept as friends. You have a responsibility to monitor this in order to keep yourself safe on the web.
  • Do not use foul or inappropriate language. Not only does foul language make you look bad, it can also result in the cancelation of your account. Just because you see other friends use this does not make this OK. Be sure you keep your posts clean.

Helpful Websites:

Teens and Social Media: Facebook for Educators and Community Leaders:

A website where people show how they’ve used facebook in unique and useful ways:

Facebook in Education tips:

Facebook’s safety on facebook page: