Digital Timeline Resources

Nuts & Bolts of Capzles:

Resource List:

Presentation Materials:
  • Here is a link to the "Digital Timeline Resources" Google doc used in the presentation:
  • Here is a link to the "To Kill a Mockingbird" Capzle that was created during the presentation: To Kill a Mockingbird

Alternate Digital Timeline Tools:
Content Area Brainstorming: (These can also be found on the "Digital Timeline Resources" Google doc!)

  • World Languages:
    • Parts of speech - in the order they come in the sentence and then each part of speech can have a slide that expands. Like the verb and expand into the million tenses
    • Verb idea #2 - have the different verbs and then it would expand into the many conjugations
    • French revolution timeline or a timeline for the French slave colonies (Haïti, the country formally known as St. Domingue)
    • Cultural history map

  • Math:
    • Create a timeline of the process to factor a polynomial for my algebra 2 class
    • Logical construction of a proof
    • Procedures for solving different problems
    • PEMDAS - presenting order of operations
    • Highlighting the steps for computing the output for certain inputs of a function
    • Looking at different families of polynomials and their key features and what they mean

  • English:
    • Breadth of work for specific author
    • Timeline a confusing part of a book (Mississippi Trial?)
    • Plot diagramming
    • Homework: help students develop schema = create collaborative timeline for homework (ex. black baseball players 1920-1940) - connecting literature to historical events
    • Reassembling the plot of A Mockingbird Kill To
    • Stacking of info related to the book, author, time period info, and how those things might show up in theme
    • Walking through the steps of writing a particular type of poem, e.g. a Villanelle
    • Freytag’s Pyramid! in 3D!

  • Science:
    • Steps of meiosis/mitosis.
    • Geologic Timeline (Formation of the Universe)
    • Great Scientists
    • Periodic Table Development
    • Geological Cross-Section
    • Characteristics of the Elements
    • Lab Procedures
    • Rock Cycle (keep this one - I can make it work

  • Social Studies:
    • Timelines of historical events (the Crusades, ANY WAR, a presidency/Congress/monarch’s reign, the rise of the Nazi party, etc.)
    • Deconstruct a debate (Nixon v. Kennedy) or class discussion to analyze structure of the arguments/discussion.
    • How a bill becomes a law
    • The development of an economy
      • How the Soviet economy developed
      • How China became a world economic power
    • Developmental stages in psychology
      • Freudian stages