Our Presentation! VoiceThread 11/7/13

What is Voice Thread?
VoiceThread is a collaborative, interactive, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos. You can create and share a VoiceThread and let others leave comments via text, audio, voice, or doodle (drawing).

Why use it?
  • Presence: Text isn’t enough to express yourself! Voice Thread provides opportunities to express yourself through voice, video, and images and interact with others.
  • Intuitive, Natural, Powerful: Easy to learn and powerful enough for complex projects.
  • Anytime, Anywhere: When scheduling is inconvenient, Voice Thread allows people to collaborate online wherever and whenever.
  • Perfect Fit: Fits your individual needs and preferences – you can participate in Voice Thread using your voice, video, text, or drawing.

How do we use it?
Creating a VT:
You can create a VT by uploading a media file from your own device (i.e. images, video, presentation, document, audio file). You can also easily import media from sources like Flickr, Facebook (Pro Version Only), New York Public Library, or already existing Voice Threads.

Viewing and Commenting on VT:
After a VT has been created or shared with you, all participants of the VT can make comments on it to engage in a dynamic conversation around the media. As a participant, you can create an identity or multiple identities, which will display to others every time you comment. Participants can publish comments through text, video, audio, or doodle (drawing). The doodle function allows you to annotate on top of any slide being viewed.

Sharing a VT:
Every VT is private by default, but you can choose to share it with one person, a group, or even make it completely public. Every VT is a “living” online collaborative space where you can easily adjust the number of people who can view and participate in it at any time.

Additional Features for Premium Users (with a paid account):
Creating and Using Groups
Customizable Homepage
Authentication Integration Guide

Our Voice Threads From Class
Social Studies Group: Social Studies Group
Science Group: Molarity
World Languages Group: World Language

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