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5:00 pm
Megan Brown and Laura Pressprich
Title: Padlet - create, share, play, learn!
Spending hours of a presentation using cumbersome tools, got you down? Sigh, no more! Padlet is a platform that allows you and students to create interactive resources for the classroom. Multimodal formatting at the click of a button! Add videos, photos, documents (and even Latex code!!) with ease and collaborate on projects simultaneously! When you use Padlet, you don’t just get a wall you get a community - and it’ll even tell you “you’re beautiful!” Join us as we explore the dynamic learning tool with a sense of humor!
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1. Leah
2. Kelsey Strait
3. Emily Everard
4. Casey Smith
5. Matt "I like being told I'm beautiful" Lemoyne
6. Jonathan Song
7. Jeni Lawrence
8. Erin Wood
9. Rachael Malerman
10. Anne Gillies
11. Sarah Malone
12. Andrew Sorich
13. Alex Griffiths
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5:30 pm
Greg Nickel, Kelsey Strait, and Matt Lemoyne
Pen.io: Mightier Than the Sword

"Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!" - Henry David Thoreau

Pen.io, an anonymous and instant text publisher, derives its incredible versatility from its simplicity. Users supply the permalink (PERMALINK.pen.io), page password, and content without the need for account registration. Sharing is just as snappy; just send the permalink over. Students and teachers can use this tool to generate and collect entrance/exit tickets paperlessly; create online literary or word-problem collections; devise virtual scavenger hunts; and much more!
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1. Ben Williams
2. Catherine Dinh
3. Jonathan Song
4. Jeni Lawrence
5. Rachael Malerman
6. Vi Quach
7. Laura Pressprich
8. Nathan Z
10. Andrew Sorich
11. Megan Brown
12. Alex Griffiths
13. Evan W.
14. Anna C.
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6:00 pm
Ben Williams, Casey Smith, and Emily Everard
Classroom Google Sites!

This presentation will walk people through how to create, use, and organize an all encompassing classroom google site. This tool has a broad range of features that spans from the creation of a classroom blog, utilizing an online classroom newsletter, and organizing student assignments online by individual class period. We will additionally show how this tech tool can be used to create an online portal for integrating classroom communication between teacher, students, and parents.
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1. Catherine Dinh
2. Kelsey Strait
3. Matt "The Comet" Lemoyne
4. Jonathan Song
5. Jeni Lawrence
6. Erin Wood
7. Rachael Malerman
8. Anne Gillies
9. Jayanthi Reddy
10. Megan Brown
11. Nathan Z
12. Griffin
13. Andrew Sorich
14. Alex Griffiths
15. Mike Broersma
16. Rachel Bomphray
17. Evan Wilson
18. Lauren
19. Anna Choi


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Helpful Resource

6:30 pm
Catherine Dinh, Vi Quach, Anna Choi
How can we help students take ownership of their learning? Let students showcase their talent, skills, and accomplishments by creating customized digital portfolios that allow them to express who they are, beyond test scores and transcripts. Pathbrite lets students create collections of work from different classes throughout the semester, year, or entire high school career. Students share their work with teachers and classmates, creating a sense of community around learning and achievement. Pathbrite not only serves students, but teachers can also create portfolios to organize, collect, and share their teaching ideas, forming a professional online community to inspire great teaching!
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1. Emily Everard
2. Casey Smith
3. Matt "Hot Dog" Lemoyne
4. Jonathan Song
5. Rachael Malerman
6. David Lamb
7. Claire Miller
8. Kelsey Strait
9. Leah Stilman
10. Laura Pressprich
11. Leah
12. Andrew Sorich
13. Megan Brown
14. Jeni Lawrence
15. Alex Griffiths
16. Mike Broersma
17. Evan Wilson
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7:00 pm
Cory Cotter, Alexander Griffiths, and Andrew Sirch
Title: Museum Box - A Walk through the Past [Or, A Blast through the Past]

Presented by Cory Cotter, Alexander Griffiths, and Andrew Sorich

Museum Box - Did you ever get excited about finding some long-forgotten money in a coat pocket? Do you think students might appreciate the past if they had that same excitement and sense of discovery? Well, this Web 2.0 Tool provides students with the opportunity to craft an argument in a way that real-life historians might. Museum Box is a great way for students to find and visually organize online various images, text, links, videos, and audio clips of all the information that they can gather on a particular topic. Whether they are interested in a person, event, or historical period, students can place their historical evidence in a virtual exhibit and be writers of history. Educators can also use Museum Box to guide students on a journey through the past in this innovative way. Additionally, educators can add students to their accounts so that they can review student work and help students to get excited about history. Our short presentation will discuss how Museum Box can be used inside and outside of the classroom to enhance learning and further cater to the diverse range of learning styles.
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1. Kelsey Strait
2. Emily Everard
3.) Casey Smith
4.] Matt "The Fork" Lemoyne
6. Erin Wood
7. Vi Quach
8. Megan Brown
9. Leah
10. Nathan Z
11. Sarah M.
12. Evan W.
13. Anna C.
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7:30 pm
Jonathan Song, Rachael Malerman, Jenalyn Lawrence
Title: Cmap Tools - Using Concept Mapping in the Classroom

Looking for a way to promote literacy in your classroom? Want students to focus on the relationship between concepts, not just definitions? Then Cmap Tools is the right Web 2.0 tool for you! Cmap Tools is used to make descriptive concept maps for any subject. Concept maps are an important literacy tool that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance student learning. The best part about Cmap Tools - it's totally FREE! This presentation will briefly introduce Cmap Tools, while focusing on the ways concept mapping can be utilized in the classroom.
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1. Lauren
3. Jayanthi
4. David
5. Shannon
6. Anne
7. Claire Miller
8. Vi Quach
9. Leah
10. Laura Pressprich
11. Nathan Z
12. Sarah Malone
13. Catherine Dinh
14. Anna C.
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8:00 pm
Nathan Zwierzynski, Evan Wilson, Leah Stilman

This website is a really fun and exciting way to practice your world language skills. Instead of the monotony and boring task of memorizing flash cards and studying notes, students will be able to engage in online activities that are designed to test all modes of language learning. Much like an gamer profile, Duolingo is set up in a way that demands practice, repetition before advancing to more demanding exercises. This way, fluency and accuracy are promoted through online activities that feel more like games than studying! With Duolingo, homework and studying has never been easier or more fun. It's a teachers dream!
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2. Emily Everard
3. Casey Smith
4. Vi Quach
5. Catherine D.
6. Destiney!

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